A Cure for the Mondays…on a Tuesday

July 30, 2019

This morning I was having a serious case of the Mondays even thought it’s a Tuesday… The idea of moving sounded hard—let alone negotiating real estate transactions. But then I remembered something…

I come from a family of car dancers. A good song comes on while we’re on our way somewhere and we just can’t help but get down and boogie. 

One day a few years ago there was a mother and daughter who were driving on the 10 freeway in LA. They were stuck in terrible traffic and started arguing. They were so annoyed with each other when the daughter looked out the window and into the car next to them and said “omg look at that guy dancing. He’s going crazy.” The mother looked out the passenger window at the crazy dancing man and said, “honey, that’s our accountant.”

And guess what? That accountant is my Daddy. 

So, yes, we dance like crazy people in traffic with no regard as to what others might think. And if you have a bad case of the Mondays (no matter what day it is) like I did this am take a listen to this playlist I have set aside for those unfortunate mornings. The songs that pull me out of the funk and make me smile and dance even when I don’t want to.


  1. Somebody Loves You-Betty Who
  2. Boy-Ra Ra Riot
  3. Don’t Give Up on Me-Andy Grammer
  4. One of My Friends-Juliette Reilly
  5. Manifesto-Juliette Reilly
  6. I Wrote This Song Without You-Juliette Reilly
  7. Where You Are-Moana Soundtrack
  8. How Far I’ll Go-Moana Soundtrack
  9. Call Your Girlfriend-Robyn
  10. Dancing On My Own-Robyn
  11. Girls Like You-Maroon 5
  12. Africa-Toto
  13. Take On Me-A-ha

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  • Look reading your blog, lovely lady. Your “Other” German Family, All our love, Kate

  • You are brillliant my love!!! You are inspiring this car dancer!!! Remember our drive to Uncle Marc’s and Celo Green came on????

  • I think one of the best things about your blog is finding out little tidbits about you I didn’t know. I would love to see Dennis car dancing! This made me laugh out loud.

  • I did always love this story!!! I am so glad you shared it, too!! I hope all your days are spent dancing and singing and celebrating life!!!! love, daddy

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