Pearls and Breadcrumbs

March 2, 2021

My friend KC and I were exchanging a myriad of voice memos the other day and we kept talking about how so many things have just randomly popped up in our lives. People we didn’t expect. Job opportunities we never saw coming. I sat down at my computer to work and saw my phone ping with another voice memo from Kace. I figured I had time to have one more exchange before getting to work (KC’s voice always puts me in the best mood anyway). I pressed play. “You know Chels, I don’t think these things are random. I think they’re all happening as they are supposed to be at the perfect time. The Universe knows what it’s doing.”

Immediately, I was so glad I pressed play. She was so right. There is no such thing as a random series of events because when you look back they look like a perfect string of pearls leading to where you are now. 

These events may look like pearls (or something scary) when you look back, but when you look forward to me those events all occur by picking up breadcrumbs. Confused? Yeah, me too. Maybe just watch the video…

I love you. Here’s to great big breadcrumb adventures. XOXO, CAMDW

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  • I have been thinking about this post ever since I read it yesterday. I think you have a special talent Chelsea for picking up those bread crumbs and then viola…they turn into pearls. Keep on gathering and sharing my adorable friend. I love you.

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