Celebrating is Not a Four-Letter Word…Literally

September 18, 2020

It’s such a weird time right now and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is anything to celebrate. The funny thing about my family though is that we always seem to keep celebrating even the tiniest things. We are a family of over-sharers and perhaps also a family of over-celebrators. In these really tough, confusing, sad, and complicated times, it’s important to not stop celebrating even the tiniest of wins. Did the barista at your local coffee shop remember your name? Win. Go celebrate. Was the air cool enough that going for a walk in your neighborhood with a mask on was remotely comfortable? Such a big win. Go celebrate. 

Sometimes we will want to celebrate, but we will feel like we shouldn’t. The world is suffering right now. That is absolutely true. But you will not negate the world’s suffering, nor will anyone think you are less empathetic because you’re taking time to find your wins and celebrate them in any way you can fathom. And if someone does think it’s weird, then let that person go and find someone new to celebrate (likely virtually) with. We don’t need to rub our mini-celebrations in people’s faces, but we can enjoy ourselves and feel positive and without anyone really knowing why it will be uplifting. And we need to feel uplifted whenever we have the chance for as long as it lasts.

It is not all unicorns and rainbows. I totally understand that. There are days where celebrating feels wrong and on those days you don’t have to. Listen to what it is that you need. That is the most important and if you have a tiny little spark inside where something made you feel good and it makes you want to get in your car and blast your favorite song give yourself permission to enjoy and have a mini-celebration with yourself. Positive energy does not mean we don’t know that collectively the human race is struggling and some much more terribly than others, but putting out good positive energy when you feel drawn to do so will only help uplift you and others.

Whatever wins you are finding in this world right now deserve to be thoroughly enjoyed. Earlier this week I sat in my car crying at the grocery store and couldn’t get it together about the state of the world and an overwhelming sadness pervaded my entire day. Then yesterday, I had the opportunity to catch up with not one, but two amazing friends. Things change on a dime and it made me feel like celebrating. It’s going to ebb and flow. You aren’t going to feel like celebrating all the time, but when you run into something or someone that makes your heart do a little happy dance—run with it and enjoy by basking in the feeling. Or in any way you feel fits. 

Just in case you aren’t sure anymore what qualifies as something to celebrate, here’s a nice little starter list:

1)         You made it through an entire day

2)         Someone called you out of the blue

3)         You passed a test

4)         You cooked something and it didn’t burn

5)         Something you’ve been waiting for, for a long time finally came to fruition

6)         You cried and it felt really freaking good because you just let yourself experience your emotions

7)         You met a cute dog on the street 

8)         You had a whole day where you didn’t have to make any major decisions

9)         Someone you know loves you back

10)       It’s your birthday!

11)       It’s your pet’s birthday!

12)       It’s your first day of work

13)       Someone made you feel good

14)       You made someone feel good

It’s the small stuff friends and it’s so worth appreciating and feels so good to revel in it I can’t even tell you. When the feeling arises go with it and go on a mini-wave of enjoyment. It will leave you feeling like you can conquer whatever is next and coming your way, even if only for five minutes. 

And…In case you need a list of ways to celebrate because it’s hard to come up with them these days…here you go:

1)         Dance around in your kitchen

2)         Sing your favorite song using a hairbrush as a microphone

3)         Call someone and tell them you love them

4)         Snuggle an animal

5)         Get/make your favorite kind of coffee or tea drink

6)         Eat cake and ice cream all by your damn self and enjoy it

7)         Put your pj’s on and watch your favorite tv show (popcorn optional, but recommended)

8)         Do something kind for someone else

9)         Make a donation to an important cause

I love you. You are worth celebrating every day. And celebrating a lot doesn’t make big celebrations less special, it makes them even more special. If you need someone to give it to you, you have full permission to enjoy yourself regardless of what’s going on in the world if you feel like it. Fly. Be free and celebrate. I love you. XOXOX, CAMDW.

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  • I am remembering that I want to make a list of things that bring me joy. It can be a gratitude list as well. I for sure am glad after 9 days to have a reprieve from the smoke. How is yours down south?

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