Why Do We Create Stress For Ourselves?

April 1, 2021

Stress is something I have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes stress motivates me to get things done and sometimes it gets to the point where I stop sleeping well and I want to tear my hair out. I think we can find a happy medium with stress. A life where we learn to manage stress in a way that works for us without creating unnecessary stress for ourselves. 

We’ve been groomed to believe (or at least I have) that the more stressed we are, the more productive society members we are. The more tired, the more rundown—the more valuable, but I want to interrupt this messaging because it has been incredibly damaging to my psyche. I am working harder, maybe, but my work isn’t necessarily as good as it would be if I didn’t believe that the value was in how stressed, tired, and overworked I am. 

So, the next time someone says to you, “oh my gosh, I am so tired and so stressed,” you ask them how they can find a way to lower their stress level instead of finding ways to make you more stressed out. AND the next time you see someone that is rested and feeling good, instead of thinking that they must not be working hard enough, or that their job isn’t as stressful as your job, think about ways you can open yourself up to the idea of creating more space and less stress in your life. 

What do you think? Are you in? 

Alright, I love you, I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m thinking about you. XOXO, CAMDW

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