Dear Uncle Herb…

July 16, 2019

Baby Chelsea dressed as a clown

When I was a wee one my Uncle Herb (who was really a family friend) told my Dad that every time I did something funny or noteworthy that he should write Herb an email so that he could be the keeper of the Chelsea story vault.

A few years ago, Uncle Herb sent my Dad all of these stories and I thought it might be fun to share some of the silly and sometimes profound things I said as a little kid through my Dad’s eyes.

So, here goes. This one is from when I was four years old. Dad writes:

“Dear Uncle Herb,

When Chelsea and Dennis (my Daddy) went to Las Vegas last month they went to a restaurant on their way to the new Cirque du Soleil “Ka.” Chelsea was worried about clowns and weird characters. They had a bus boy that they both agreed was the most beautiful man they had ever seen. He had seen “Ka” and assured Chelsea that there were no strange or scary characters and as he left the table Chelsea turned to Den and said, “He is cute, hot and full of information.”

A little tidbit from baby Chelsea for a Tuesday. Have a happy day!

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  • oh dear!!! i remember this like it was yesterday!!! you were and are just precious!!!

  • This is too funny. I actually to this day don’t like costumes that completely disguise who the person is…kinda freaks me out. Not a big fan of Halloween parties.

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