Just Try it First

May 7, 2021

Have you ever started something and then pretty quickly decided it wouldn’t work before you really got a chance to dive into it? 

If yes, this one is for you! Because I so feel that tendency. The potential interruption to our life that we tell ourselves is running so smoothly. The idea of change. It can all be scary to start and break out of our habits and routines and try something new. 

So, maybe it’s worth giving things and actual go of it before we shut them down. Here’s my little story about how I am eating my proverbial broccoli in the form of time blocking. Intruiged? Take a gander here. 

PS At this point, I am a few days into my time blocking journey and let me say how wrong I was. I have gotten more done in the last few days, and been more focused than ever. So, thank goodness for my coach who gave me the nudge I needed. You got this friends! Enjoy your vegetables and make sure to take an entire bite before deciding they aren’t for you!


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