Give Where You Feel Passionate

November 17, 2020

It’s nearing the holidays and I can feel the giving spirit in the air!!! This is a time of year where we are hopefully feeling grateful for what we have and are taking the opportunity to spread that gratitude by giving to others. 

This year in particular I feel a very special connection to giving as I co-founded a non-profit with some fantastic people in my life and it’s become more apparent to me now than ever before how important it is to find where in the world you can make a difference. I believe it’s important not just to give for giving’s sake (although it’s still awesome), but to give in an area where you feel passionate and deeply moved by a cause and want to make the change. 

I believe we can be most effective in creating change in our world by finding where we feel passionate about making change. What is that for you? What are you inspired to change? I can’t wait to hear all about what inspires you most to give and make a change in our world!!

I am so excited and proud to be moving forward along the path of my passion and change with Dance In Color and I am beyond grateful for your support in whatever form feels best for you. Feel free to check out our website, follow us on Instagram @dance_in_color, or like us on Facebook @danceincolor. We can’t wait to hear from you! For questions or more information feel free to email us at

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  • Ron and I pretty much have our giving plan in place. Except for our family in Mexico we are focusing on local for right now. There are so many needs in our own community. We are blessed to be able to do this.

  • This inspires me!! If we gave something, anything, every single day, can you imagine life on this planet??? Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

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