Back Up Off My Label Please

November 6, 2020

Labels. Love them, hate them—they ain’t going anywhere. We are experts in labeling and putting people in pretty little boxes that make us feel safe and warm about ourselves and others. So, I’ve decided that if we are going to continue to label each other and ourselves in one category or another we should, at the very least get to define what those labels mean to us because NEWSFLASH: only we get to decide who we are and who we want to be and what that means. And NEWSFLASH NUMBER TWO: through redefining our labels we hold the keys to our inner power and accessing our self-worth.

Maybe this is old hat for you, or maybe you have never thought about redefining what it means to be a wife, mother, executive, father, flower smeller, home cook, or anything of the like. Take a label that you love and wear it with your very own definition with pride. 

Here’s the exercise in case you missed it:

1) Take time to write out every role in life you feel you fill

2) Then pick some of those that you find the most key in your life and really think about and flush out what your definition of that label is

3) Every time you question how you are fulfilling your roles in life go back to your meaning of the word, and know you don’t have to be excellent at it all, all the time. You will have to pick and choose sometimes because we are not superheroes we are just incredible people living a full human experience and who you bring to the table is beautiful every day in every form.

I love you. All I ask is that you dare to be yourself as often as you humanly can. XOXOX, CAMDW

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  • Hang on what?! I’m not getting a home-cooked meal when I get home from work? ????
    You’re the best supporter there is and I’m so grateful for your support! ❤️

    • ❤️❤️❤️. You knew what you were getting when you married me!!!!!???????????? you are the best support ever!

  • Lots of labels will probably arise when I start my list……. My favorite one is “father”. I love you!

  • I just listened to this. I am going to start my list and hope it doesn’t cause too much anxiety. It would help if I were leaving for Mexico soon. Love you Chelseadoodle.

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