Ohhhh…I’m Allowed to Have Feelings

February 4, 2020

I’m pretty much one of the most emotional people ever…just ask my family…so when I was all of the sudden stuck and confused as to why I wanted to just put my head through a wall out of frustration and I didn’t know why…I needed to call for backup from my oh-so-wise-thank-goodness-I-married-a-sage other half. Take a look at what I mean…

So, it’s okay to have all the feelings. Manifesting your dreams and finding joy as often as you can is amazing, but don’t sacrifice feeling unpleasant emotions. Releasing them is part of the joy. Feeling them is part of being able to move through (not skip over) them to where even bigger joy exists. But a little piece of goodness I forgot to talk about in regards to pulling yourself out of those ruts is to find touch points that help you come back to the joy. Sometimes you’ve processed the emotion, but you can’t seem to rid yourself of it, so have one or two things in your back pocket, like your favorite song, or that best friend on speed dial to help you through your funk because there is so much good on the other side if you’re brave enough to face the part that sometimes feels a little bit icky.

Happy Tuesday friends!! To days with all of the emotions and feeling good and proud of them. xoxox, CAMDW

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  • What amazing advice. Not an easy task but so worthwhile trying. I guess bad news doesn’t necessarily have to equate to bad mood. It’s just news. Feel it for sure but let go and move on. Thank you for this, Love, me ❤

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