Episode 10: “Do not blame your body, blame the product first.”

Chelsea and Kevin sit down with sustainable stylist, Charline Zeroual, to discuss how your personal style isn’t just about making a good first impression, it goes much deeper. From how your clothes can affect your mood, how you feel about yourself, and impact the way you present to the world, Charline shows us that clothes are more than just skin deep. 

More about Charline:

Charline is a Sustainable Wardrobe Stylist dedicated to helping women everywhere benefit from the fundamentals of personal styling while also focusing on a more conscious approach to fashion consumption. She has helped many women of all silhouettes and life stages—each with unique needs and tastes. And she has seen first-hand what a boost personal styling can be for self-image and confidence. She is honored to provide a service that is truly transformative!

On a personal note, Charline is a French-mompreneur of three little ones who enjoys working out, traveling, and cooking. She approaches every challenge with good energy, good vibes, and plenty of good humor!  So, when you’re ready to take that next step towards creating your perfect wardrobe and reclaiming (or claiming for the first time) that confident glow, she can’t wait to meet you!

Instagram: @sustainable.wardrobe.stylist

Website: charlinezeroual.com

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