Episode 11: How do you come back when your dream has been cut short? with Guests Aastha Lal and Nina Duong

Chelsea and Kevin sit down to have a deep, loving and vulnerable conversation with Amazing Race contestants Aastha Lal and Nina Duong about who they are and what they’ve learned as individuals and as a couple since being eliminated first on Season 34 of The Amazing Race. This episode covers everything from resilience, to the power of detachment and meditation, coming out stories, and so much more. Here is your chance to get to know the humans behind the short clips you see on your TV screen and gain incredible information in the process.

More about Aastha:

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Aastha Lal is a little lady who gets big laughs! Starting her career in 2010, she has since performed stand-up comedy in over 450 shows and headlined on some of the biggest stages around the world in cities like London, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dublin, and Hong Kong.

More about Nina:

Nina is a born creative thinker with an unrelenting desire to solve problems through unique solutions. She served in the US Army National Guard for seven years, with one deployment (Operation Iraqi Freedom). She now serves as the Director for Business Development and Senior Consultant at Fisheye Learning, working on special projects and turnkey business solutions for clients including Facebook and Microsoft. Add her on LinkedIn: Nina Duong.

Instagram: @aastha.lal @sillybanina 

TikTok: @aastha.lal

LinkedIn: Nina Duong

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