Episode 12: Making Manifestation Approachable with Milli Fox


In this episode, Chelsea and Kevin talk to Manifestation Coach, Milli Fox, about why it can be such a struggle to get into manifesting, where our blocks might be coming from, how to shift through our emotions, get curious, and even how we can talk to our children about gratitude, abundance, and trusting themselves.


About Milli:
Milli Fox is obsessed with all things self-worth and manifestation. Think Brené Brown meets Gabby Bernstein with a sprinkle of goofy on top. Milli’s super power is her ability to clearly see women in all their divine perfection and to reflect that back to them. She has a vision for each woman she works with and helps them manifest that vision. Milli has been called to live a big, bold life of luxury in order to expand what women believe is possible for them. She aims to raise the collective consciousness and heal generational trauma (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through her coaching, programs and internet dance parties. Milli is a published author and voracious reader- who is currently writing the next NYT bestseller on Manifestation.
Instagram: @millifox

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