Episode 2: How To Find Your Confidence In 3 Steps with Alex Ray

Chelsea Austin talks to LGBTQIA+ Confidence Coach, Alex Ray, about how to access your confidence in three easy steps, how you’ve been using labels backwards and so much more! You can connect with Alex Ray on Instagram @coachalexray or through his website coachalexray.com. Also, be sure to listen to his podcast, “The Queer Confidence Podcast” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! And don’t forget! If you pre-order Chelsea’s Book Inexplicably Me and either email her your receipt (chelsea@localhost) or post your receipt and tag her on social media (@chelseaaustinmdw on Instagram @thegirlwithfivenames on Facebook) to receive a personalized thank you, a bookmark, AND 25% off Chelsea’s Flip The Script course in 2022!

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