Episode 2: Let Your Dog Show You You’re Worthy with Guest Bethany Johnson

Chelsea and Kevin sit down with dog trainer extraordinaire, Bethany Johnson, for a look at how dogs can influence our self-worth, especially when it comes to dog training. Bethany looks at how we can redefine our relationships to our furry friends, empower ourselves and say no, and take care of ourselves better…and this all starts and ends with finding those boundaries with your fur child.

More about Bethany:

Bethany is a pet sitter turned dog trainer with a love for helping owners go from ‘I’m so overwhelmed,’ to ‘We’ve got this!’

She knows that having a challenging dog can feel overwhelming, but training doesn’t have to be. She’s been working with dogs and their owners since 2018 and from that has learned a lot. What works – what works really well.  And turns out, it’s really aboutyou.

She’s not just a dog trainer … She empowers you with the tools you need to stop the struggle, and live the life you dream of with your dog. And she knows how, because she did it with her dogs. It takes your confidence to another level!

Instagram: @walkingdogtraining

Facebook: @walkingdogtraining

Website: walkingdogtraining.com

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