Episode 2: Managing Depression and Anxiety with Danielle Gray

TW for this episode: assault, anxiety, and depression.

Season 3 of Worthiness Warriors’ first guest is, Danielle Gray! And with Danielle, we got deep, fast. In this episode, Danielle shares her story of being assaulted after she, in her words, “let her depression and anxiety go unmanaged.” She gives us all hope, inspiration, and even a good laugh, along with deep, meaningful takeaways for anyone, especially those struggling with depression and anxiety.
About Danielle:

Danielle is a formerly competitive gymnast who became a personal trainer after leaving her full time desk job to pursue coaching and fitness modeling. She founded her own company, Train Like A Gymnast, to show people they’re more capable than they think they are. While she can help anyone who is interested, TLAG’s primary demographic is former female athletes who miss the accountability, camaraderie, and structure of organized sports. Her training style is challenging, yet approachable with a heavy focus on form, mindfulness, and intention. She is also a Wilhelmina Fitness Model, an iFit Trainer, a Ninja Warrior, professional pole dancer, photographer, among many other things that make her a multi passionate entrepreneur.

Website: www.daniellegrayfit.com

TLAG: www.trainlikeagymnast.com (Use code LISTEN for a discount for Worthiness Warriors listeners upon checkout here! trainlikeagymnastapp.com)

IG @daniellegrayfit @trainlikeagymnast

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