Episode 25: Self-Worth and Social Media

Chelsea Austin talks to social media gurus and entrepreneurs, Lynzee Krohne and Kayla Weich about all things social media. From how social media can be used to our advantage and how we can make sure we are not letting those analytics take away from our inherent value and self-worth. If you are Instagram insights obsessed, this episode is for you!! (And if you’re not and still not sure what Instagram is, Lynzee and Kayla have incredible advice and information about where to start.) You can learn more about Lynzee and Kayla and Leo and Laine on their website, through their Instagram, Facebook, and if you live in Southwest Michigan and are thinking about trying out a new co-working space you can check out one of Kayla and Lynzee’s many ventures, Thinkbar Coworking!

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