Episode 3: How To Make Your Self-Care Work For You with Nina Lowman

Chelsea Austin talks to the founder of Indica Dreams, Nina Lowman, about creating a balanced wellness routine, finding a path for self-care that works for you in every season of your life, and so much other goodness! You can connect with Nina @ninalofficial on Instagram, as well as Indica Dreams @indicadreamsllc on Instagram, @indicadreamsofficial on Facebook, and be sure to check out indicadreams.com for some truly self-care inspired CBD products. And don’t forget! If you pre-order Chelsea’s Book Inexplicably Me and either email her your receipt (chelsea@localhost) or post your receipt and tag her on social media (@chelseaaustinmdw on Instagram @thegirlwithfivenames on Facebook) to receive a personalized thank you, a bookmark, AND 25% off Chelsea’s Flip The Script course in 2022!

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