Episode 4: Defying the Diagnosis with Aaron Baker

In this episode, Chelsea and Kevin talk to the amazingly resilient, Aaron Baker about his recovery from a spinal cord injury that altered the course of his life and how we can all find a way forward despite the odds we’re given. We also touch on what the writing process has been like for us, as three authors.

About Aaron:

In 1999, as a professional motocross athlete, he sustained a career ending spinal cord injury. He fractured his cervical vertebrae 4, 5, and 6 rendering him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chin down. He was given a “one in a million” chance of every feeding himself again.

From the onset of his injury, he focused on rebuilding and redefining his life. He became a student of his mind and body, and has mastered a set of fundamental tools he uses and shares daily.

Today, he is a recovering quadriplegic husband, father, adventure athlete, author, orator, entrepreneur, and ambassador for spinal cord injury. He co-founded the Center of Restorative Exercise and represents Red Bull’s non-profit charity-Wings For Life Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors, USA, and Chairman of the Ambassador Council.

Website: imaaronbaker.com

Youtube channel: Aaron Baker

Instagram: @imaaronbaker

Twitter: @ImAaronBaker

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