Popular and Best Aren’t Synonyms

May 5, 2020

As a teenager, shockingly, I was really good at remembering that being popular and choosing what was best for me were oftentimes very different things and that choosing what was best for me really outweighed caring whether I was popular or not. Then I grew up and needed a reminder.

So, I am breaking it down and remembering what it takes to stay the course of my best self and letting go of the noise. It’s a journey, but we can be in this together.

It’s hard to stop caring about what other people think, but I’ve broken down what I believe is good to remember while overcoming this hurdle and outlined some concrete steps to take that always help me. Take a look:

Happy Tuesday, Friends. I’m still in my PJs and who knows if I’ll even get out of them today and I am completely okay with that. XOXO, CAMDW

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  • How in the world did we decide being popular was important. I mean who invented that. It is nice to be liked and loved, but I am certainly not one to talk….. thank you for this reminder that our priority adjustments can result in so much joy !!! Daddy

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