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Why Chelsea Austin, Daughter to Two Gay Dads, Doesn't "Need a Mom to Feel Successful and Loved"

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How to overcome fear of disappointing others

“The first thing to do when any kind of feelings come up around disappointment is to acknowledge them and try not to beat yourself up for having them. 

Of course, you want to make your family, friends, boss, teachers, or co-workers proud. That makes absolute sense, and it’s okay that those feelings are coming up for you. However, being afraid of disappointing someone else is not only loaded with fear and anxiety; it can often come with secondary emotions like being frustrated that you’re feeling fear or anxiety. That just adds more to your plate.”

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Why more self-love benefits your productivity


“I think there is a misconception regarding the relationship between self-love and productivity, one that I bought into for years. We are constantly competing for who is the most stressed, tired, and overwhelmed as if that is what makes us good at our jobs and productive,” says Chelsea Austin, an author, speaker, certified professional coach, and self-worth advocate.”


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How to Help Your Employees Overcome “Imposter Syndrome”​


“Montgomery-Duban Wächter said that when experiencing IS, it can be hard to focus and create quality work. ‘If you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, worried about what someone might say about your work, or paralyzed by the thought that you’ll never live up to the job, it can reduce productivity.'”

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Brightside Global Trade TV

Author Collective, Episode 7

Chelsea discusses her new book, Inexplicably Me, and talks about her story growing up with two dads amongst a collective of authors. 


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Paradox Magazine


Chelsea Austin Challenges You To Discover Self-Worth and Inner Peace


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Book Crushin' Blog

Author Interview

Some authors – and their books – just radiate joy, no matter the tough content between the covers. Inexplicably Me and its author, Chelsea, are that pair. From the moment Chelsea contacted me about her recent memoir, I could feel the tenants of the book: love and compassion. Chelsea was kind enough to answer some questions I had about her writing experience! 

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Happiness Happens Month

happiness is bigger than you think: joyful

Joy it’s an emotion that we can feel throughout our body (Chelsea describes it perfectly). It may can appear when we’re doing something insignificant to the significant. Today, watch for that feeling when you feel so happy that you’re practically glowing. Then note what was the catalyst for that moment – a call or text from a loved one, seeing a beautify landscape, or something you accomplished.

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Go Pride

Chelsea austin is Inexplicably herself

“The second you block out the noise and ask yourself who you want to be things change.”

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2400 Chew Podcast

Muhlenberg College's Podcast featuring alumni

Chelsea Austin Montgomery-Duban Wachter ’15, is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and life coach.

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Millenial Magazine

Staying Close With Long-Distance Friends

“When I was applying to colleges I decided to go as far away from home as possible. Not necessarily because I wanted to or was ready to, but because I was so attached to my family that I knew if I didn’t get some distance between us I would never become independent. And so began my journey to Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of Muhlenberg College. I spent four years of my life on that classic, liberal arts campus developing deep friendships that made my world a better place. We spent hours lounging on the quad on weekends, buried in books studying together in the dorm common rooms, or rehearsing together in front of huge windows of the performing arts center. It was a small school where we all pretty much knew each other and it was our home.”
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Cliché Magazine

Chelsea Austin Recounts Growing up with Two Gay Dads in the 90s in New Book, “Inexplicably Me”

Chelsea just recently debuted her first book, Inexplicably Me. “My book, Inexplicably Me: A Story of Labels, Worthiness, and Refusing To Be Boxed In, is my love letter to the world. Yes, it’s my story about being raised by two gay men, both of whom I’m biologically related to, but it’s also a guide for how we can tap into our self-acceptance as a way to begin accepting others, even those we may not understand. I am grateful that I was able to tell my story with joy and humor, and use my own experiences to give some more universal advice.”
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How To Deal With Hurt Feelings In A Relationship

“Figure out what your feelings are and why you’re feeling them
Before launching into a discussion of your feelings with someone else, take some time to feel them, which I know can be so challenging. Sitting with your feelings and just breathing while you feel them is one of the most challenging yet most necessary things to do when you’re experiencing “less-favorable” emotions.”
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Millenial Magazine

Working Through (And Moving Past) Rejection In 2022

“Rejection has a bad reputation. It can make us feel terrible about ourselves and sometimes lead us to not want to try new things or do anything at all. But, with a little re-framing, I have found that rejection has actually been one of the greatest gifts in my life.”

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Millenial Magazine

Self-Esteem: Finding The Confident You

“Feeling confident is such a funny thing. Sometimes it feels so readily available to us and sometimes it feels eons away. But that makes sense, right? Confidence is a feeling, just like joy, love, happiness, anger and sadness. Feelings come and go, so it’s normal and natural to have fluctuating levels of confidence on a given day and in doing certain activities. This is good news – if there’s something you don’t feel confident doing right now, your ability to become confident in that same area is infinite. It’s not like we’re born with a fixed level of confidence that you either have or don’t have and then are forced to walk through life that way.”

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Entreprenistas Feature

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, and Life Coach Chelsea Austin on taking care of yourself first

“Taking care of myself has been the greatest revelation I’ve had in business: I become more effective, make better decisions, and I feel inspired way more than when I’m just scraping by to get everything done as fast as possible and burning the candle at both ends.”

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Good People, Cool Things Podcast

Chelsea shares her experiences starting a blog and how to get out of a rut on Joey Held’s Good People, Cool Things podcast!

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30 Texts To Send Someone You Haven't Talked To In A While

“Wow! I can’t believe I never answered this!”

“Life coach Chelsea Austin recommends sending this text if you forgot to reply. If they write back, awesome! If not, that’s OK, too. A text is a great way to reach out because it’s like dipping your toe in the pool,” she says. “If they don’t answer it feels less personal and if they do you can gauge where to go from there.”

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The Story Exchange

She's Helping Others To Define Their Self-Worth

“Growing up, I thought that success meant money and fame and that when you weren’t making money or gaining notoriety it was hard to feel worthy. It was the story I received subconsciously from society regardless of my parents telling me the exact opposite. But as I’ve grown and lived I now define success as finding joy, balance, and feeling love for yourself. Success is laying your head on the pillow at night and feeling in your heart that what you’re doing is making a difference, regardless of how small, in other peoples’ lives and in your own life. To feel joy, love, gratitude, and excitement about something each day feels like success to me.”

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Circle Around

5 Women on How They Support Loved Ones Experiencing Loss

“There is no one set way to get through loss and grief, and if someone doesn’t tell you that they lost someone, or that they are grieving a loss, don’t take that personally.”
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L.A. Parent

How Parents Can Foster Children's Self-Worth: From The Daughter Of Two Gay Dads

“I don’t have a lot of parenting experience. Actually, I have literally no parenting experience, but I have a ton of “daughtering” experience. I have been a daughter to my two gay dads since the day I was born. I have been a daughter every day of my life, and I have worn that label proudly.”
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Select Podcast Guests

Women Podcasters Rocking it in 2021 Part 2!

Chelsea Austin: Host of Worthiness Warriors
Defining Worth through Self-Care, Love, Respect and Storytelling
“…Chelsea will continue to follow her heart and spread amazing passion that will surely change the world. Offering her help to guide others through her coaching courses should prove another avenue that will inspire. If we listen to her, we can all make an impact on the many lives we meet daily. As Chelsea says, “And along the way your own joy and passion will shine through.”
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Mindfulness Mode Podcast with Host Bruce Langford

Chelsea shares her experiences growing up with two gay dads and her thoughts on mindfulness on the Mindfulness Mode Podcast! Take a listen here!

Thrive Global

Creating a Focus on What Grows Mindset: Become Your Own Hype Person

Once you feel ready to start again, writer and life coach Chelsea Austin recommends becoming your own hype person.
How do you do that? Austin advises writing down “I am” phrases. Phrases like the ones listed below can be written on sticky notes and placed in spots where you’re able to see them.
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The Hannah and Fred Show

Chelsea was a guest on WCGO’s Hannah & Fred Show on 4/11/21 and shared her story and tips on how to find joy. Listen right here at just around the 42:00 mark!


Meet Chelsea Austin | Writer, Speaker & Advocate


In Her Own Words: Panic attacks cue Chelsea Austin to leave family business for her own passion…I put in my 365-day notice with my family. I made sure we would be financially secure. I didn’t end up knowing exactly what I was going towards, but I knew I needed to take that leap of faith. I knew the Universe and my dreams would eventually catch me and in the meantime, we would be provided for.

Authority Magazine

Young Change Makers: How Writer, Speaker & Activist Chelsea Austin Is Helping To Make A Difference In Our World
Authority Magazine
Thrive Global

Thrive Global

Chelsea Austin: “Find what brings you joy”

Find what brings you joy. I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew there needed to be change in the world, but to look at starting on a grand scale is overwhelming and kind of impractical. Instead, I started by looking at what brings me the most joy, and that’s loving people, sharing my story, […]