Slow Cooker Using Puppy Parent

November 10, 2020

As a kid I rarely fit in with my peer group, I mostly hung around adults. I never wanted the kids’ menu and I had a shockingly mature palate and sense about me. Conversely, the first time I ever sat down to code my credit card and pay my bills a strong feeling of imposter syndrome took over. I felt like a child in an adult’s body. I have simply never felt my age. 

But that’s when I realized what a construct age is. It’s a number that rarely equates to what you’re feeling on the inside, so I’m trying this new idea of cross-pollination. I am bringing a childlike sense into my adulthood. I am finding the capacity to be both serious and silly.  I am allowing myself the space to enjoy both the grocery shopping and daydreaming of Disneyland.

We don’t have to pick either/or, we can bring both/and into our life because each moment requires a different part of us to take the main stage and we should at the very least allow ourselves the space to incorporate every age inside of us in our daily life. 

Happy day, Friends, I love you! XOXO, CAMDW

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  • Where is this? It is a different background but it matches your overalls. Ha. Going to work on being silly in these not so silly times.

  • Phew! My initial quick reading too closely connected the slow cooker and the puppy and I thought “this will not end well” but thankfully they were separate parts to such profound observations!! Thank you for this!!!

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