What to Do When What You Do Isn’t Everything.

October 20, 2020

            We all have so many roles that we fulfill in life. Like more than you realize you have. Seriously take a moment and think of some of the roles you have or the labels you give yourself…there’s a bunch, right? (Wife, daughter, puppy mom, writer, speaker, traveler, home cook…those are some of mine just to get you started.) However, sometimes I think we start to wrap our entire identity in one singular role that we play, when in reality that is only one faction of our life. One of those factions that always comes to mind for me is what we do for work.

            Of course how you make a living or what you’re passionate about is incredibly important, and it certainly can be all-consuming, especially when you love what you do. But what happens when you connect your entire identity to only a portion of the beautiful human you are? What happens if you lose your job? Or retire? Or what happens if you’re a performer or an artist and there’s all of the sudden a global pandemic and your whole identity feels lost because who you are became what you do and you are unable to do what you do in the way you are used to doing it? (Should I say do again? Okay. Do. You’re welcome.) 

            It’s not about disassociating with that portion of your identity, it’s about a wider lens and an understanding that you are more than just any one portion of yourself, even when you love what you do. Here are some of my musings on how this has taken effect for me…

Happy day friends, I love you and I’m thinking about you and sending the biggest hugs. XOXOX, CAMDW.

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  • So true! Even when you love what you do, there is so much more to us!
    Btw, love the new website! 🙂

  • Brilliant baby!!!!! So important and the essence of happiness to not attach your identity to one thing!!!

  • Amazing new website!! And also, love this message. I totally relate to this in all the ways. I am really so happy for you that you love what you are doing currently. ???? ????

  • This is BIG stuff, and I hope it is never too late to learn!!! Thank you for this!! I (we) appreciate it!!!! Love, me ❤

  • My work definitely defined who I was. But I think I have navigated through that because I truly love retirement, even in Covid times. I am grateful to stay connected to you through your blog and I love its new look.

    • I’m so happy to hear that!!! <3 And thank you! I love that you love retirement, it's such a blessing to love each phase in your life!!

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