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Living “two doors down from normal,” Chelsea quickly learned that society loves to put people in boxes, but these boxes do not always reflect how we feel about ourselves. Through her unique ability to be authentic and vulnerable Chelsea empowers audiences to access their self-worth, a sense of belonging, and issues incredible messages of how to better love yourself and others.

Program Topics

Flip The Script

Whether it’s a result of our upbringing, something we experience at work, doing things that challenge us, or other pivotal moments, we all receive scripts from family, friends and society about who we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to get there. Often, those scripts leave us feeling unworthy, not capable, and limit our ability to live the life of our dreams.
In this engaging program, Chelsea will reveal her story of labels, worthiness and refusing to be boxed in She’ll teach us how to Flip the Script to finally realize the success we are meant to achieve and create joy and love right here, right now! During this program, we’ll also explore:

  • “Imposter Syndrome” – why you get it and how to get rid of it for good
  • Self-doubt – its root causes and how to keep it from holding you back
  • Overcoming rejection
  • The warning signs your body gives you that you’re experiencing burnout and how to recognize them
  • The true definition of success and how you can achieve it
  • How to make your labels work for you
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You’ve Graduated! So, Now What?

As a college student entering the world, we are armed with so much information, but often everything we’ve learned in school doesn’t prepare us to go out into the world, be and do. No one tells you how to access your self-worth, what burnout is, how to find your calling, and how valuable your journey truly is.

During this program, Chelsea will share her own experience as a high-achieving creative trying to navigate the world after graduating with a degree in theater and dance, working successfully in real estate, and ultimately finding her true calling as an author, podcaster, self-worth advocate, and executive director of a non-profit organization, Dance In Color. We will dive deep into:

  •  Finding your “why,” what you actually want to do, and what that means as you navigate the post-college world
  •     Overcoming rejection
  •     Maintaining long-distance friendships
  •     Recognizing the signs of burnout and what to do about it
  •     What it means to take care of yourself as an adult and why it’s important
  •     Understanding the value of your journey

Building Bridges Through Self-Acceptance

As the daughter of two gay men, Chelsea learned to navigate the world through a unique set of circumstances. The world can often seem polarized and we are so afraid of what we don’t know that we often don’t take the time to understand those that aren’t similar to us. When we have ideological differences from those we love it can be really hard to bridge that gap and move forward. If you have a family member or friend who has recently come out as LGBTQ+ or have stark ideological differences from someone you love, this program was created with you in mind.
Through Chelsea’s personal stories about her upbringing to what she’s learned as an adult in a seemingly polarized world, this program will explore:

  • How to love even when you don’t understand
  • How to listen when you don’t agree
  • Learning to love yourself and become confident in who you are to create connection where it may have been lost
  • Increasing your self-worth and bolstering that of those around you
  • How to practice self-care under emotional stress

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