Climbing to No Everest

January 26, 2021

Having faith is complicated and requires an element of trust, however, I sometimes find it’s one of the best ways forward. I have had a lot of people I love walk out of my life. Sometimes for no reason, sometimes with very good reason, and sometimes very much with me clinging to them begging them not to leave. 

I used to despair when this would happen. I would cry and have a pity party and say things like, “why don’t they love me?” and “am I not loveable?” or “what did I do wrong?” I am a big proponent of giving yourself time to feel those feelings so that you can move past them, but I think wallowing in them is a mistake. So, I started to think about what happens after someone leaves. Did my life fall apart? No, for the most part, it did not. And I started to see that every time someone left, a new person or new opportunity entered my life that wasn’t there before.

So, now, instead of despairing for much longer than I think necessary I remind myself that the right people will walk in and walk out of my life, and sometimes I just need to give the Universe/insert-the-name-of-a-higher-power-if-you-believe-in-one here my faith and know that there is a good reason for the entrance and the exit of every person and experience in my life even if I don’t understand it at the time. 

My dad used to tell me, “if it’s the right person, no matter what you do you’ll be able to make it work, and if it’s not the right person, no matter what you do you won’t be able to make it work.” That gives me peace and faith and hope. So, if you’re in a season of despairing or feeling like someone has recently walked out of your life when you thought they were meant to be there forever, hand over a little faith to the Universe and keep your eyes peeled for new people and experiences that might just be heading your way.

Have a happy day. I love you, XOXOX, CAMDW

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