Embarrassed You Didn’t Know What Juneteenth Commemorates? So am I.

June 19, 2020

Learning about Juneteenth from a White person is not what you need, but for those of you that read my blog, I want to take the chance and use this platform to urge you to learn about the history of our country that isn’t so whitewashed.

My husband and I took a long walk last night and had a tough conversation about coming to terms with the history of the countries we were born in and feel attached to, but have a skewed understanding of. Both of our countries have done really horrific things that are not easy to come to terms with. My husband is German, I am Jewish, and there are some ugly things we’ve talked about that happened in Germany. However, we looked at America through a lens that isn’t accurate because of our privilege and how we were both taught in Germany AND America about “what America is” through a fogged up and obstructed understanding of the truth.

I went to one of the most forward-thinking middle/high schools in the country and still we were not educated regarding what Juneteenth commemorates. I’m 26 and learning about it for the first time. That’s embarrassing and horrifying. My education let me down and worse, the fact that I didn’t actively pursue learning more about racism in America is embarrassing and a gross example of my privilege. I am deeply sorry to the Black community. I have done you all a major disservice, but I will do better.

Please find links here where you can further your education surrounding Juneteenth:


New York Times Article: “So You Want To Learn About Juneteenth?” By Derrick Bryson Taylor (click the photo below for access) https://www.nytimes.com/article/juneteenth-day-celebration.html

Also check out: @antiracismfund for more information on Instagram. Or, you know, you can just go ahead and use the Google machine.

I am sending much love and light and celebration on this day. XOXO, CAMDW

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