Is There Anything Else to Talk About?

March 20, 2020

Hi Friends! Chelsea here. First of all, I have the sweetest neighbor in the world that left notes on all of our doors this morning asking for our numbers so we can take care of each other. Makes my heart so full!! My neighbor is an incredible example during such a crazy time, take note from her!!

Second of all, it is officially day one of California’s lockdown and I have officially moved everything from my office to home and now I am officially sitting here wondering what on earth we used to talk about.


Here is my take on everything I’ve learned and all of the things I can’t remember to talk about:

Can we think of anything? I would literally like to talk about anything that does not surround #coronavirus or #quarantine. I know talking it through helps us process, which I am totally in support of, but I am also in support of finding some new, or maybe old things to talk about! But I can’t think of any and it’s driving me crazy!!!

Please friends, send me your ideas! I am in desperate need!! So grateful for you and can’t wait to be able to be closer than 6 feet to you soon, I hope.


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