New Years Jitters

December 31, 2019

It’s been a crazy incredible year and as it comes to a close I start to get a little panicky thinking about all of the anticipation that comes along with a new year. There’s so much excitement, but also a lot of pressure.

I usually love planning and preparing for a fresh start and a new year, but for some reason when I sat down to write today, the only thing that popped into my head were all of the things I didn’t quite succeed at this year. So, I decided to write myself a little new year’s pep talk. Maybe you don’t need it, but if you need a little pick-me-up like I did, take a read and perhaps some of those things that are going on in my head are going on in yours, too. If not, you can go ahead and read it anyway and if you think I am utterly nuts for writing a letter to myself, then that’s cool, too. All opinions are welcome. 

A new year is a beautiful thing, but sometimes when you think about it for too long it becomes a little bit scary. While it’s an amazing time to think and analyze and look forward, it’s also okay if you just want tomorrow to be another day, because that is all it really is. 

But if you’re ready for some new plans and a new year and a new you, heck yeah! That’s amazing!! Write down those goals, get that new planner going and enjoy every second!

I think I need some more time to mull over my goals. It may not happen until mid-January, or maybe even March and that’s a-okay. I have decided that can start my “new year vibes” any time. It’s about the feeling of a fresh start, not really about the date if you think about it. It’s never too late, and it’s never too early, if it feels right in your heart, then the timing is just right my little Goldilocks. 

All of my love and a wonderful start to 2020, thank you for your love and support this year. I am forever grateful that you listen to my ramblings and I am sending so many hugs your way. Xoxox, CAMDW

Dearest, darlingest Chelsea, 

Holy moly, it’s going to be 2020 tomorrow. First of all, stop beating yourself up, it’s all good that you’re still figuring out this whole blogging and social media world out. It’s all new and it takes time. Just breathe. You have the rest of your life to figure these things out. There are no deadlines, tomorrow is just another day. Stop defining success the way you “think” you’re supposed to define success and remember why you set out on this new path in the first place. That is what success is. It’s easy to think that maybe success is number of followers, or amount of money made, but this isn’t why you were put here on this earth, nor what your ultimate goal is. So, take a second and remind yourself why you started, why you’re here and what you want. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new year, a really exciting year, but don’t forget that every single day is special in its very own way and even if something life-changing doesn’t happen in the next 365 days, it’s all good. Sometimes a little bit of a boring life is all you need. (Life is never boring if you really look at it the right way…).

It’s a journey and while it is good to have solid, concrete goals, if you don’t reach them, it’s totally okay. Just remember to never give up on yourself. Your goals and dreams may change again and again and as long as you listen to your heart and I mean really, really listen, that is all you can ask of yourself. 

The universe is working all the time for you and with you, don’t forget that. You are not alone. You write these things because maybe one person can relate and if they do, amazing and if they don’t, at least you have somewhere to put down your thoughts. You are doing just fine. Love is abundant and the world is inherently good, despite the craziness that sometimes is found outside. Look for the beautiful and the good, not the perfect, but the good enough and the lovely enough and the huggable moments of 2020 because I am sure there will be many. Stop seeking outside approval, you don’t need it, all you need is to feel good about what you do every day. Advice is good to ask for, as long as you don’t form your opinion of yourself based on what others think of you and what you do with your life because at the end of the day it is your life and your dreams that you are cultivating, not anyone else’s. You have so much to be proud of and thankful for, don’t forget that please, it would be a travesty if you did.

Happy new year, love you long time, 

Chelsea AMDW of 2019

PS please re-read this tomorrow as you will probably already have forgotten what you said to yourself and will have started the cycle of beating up on yourself again. Please read this every day until you get it in your head that it’s all good and you are enough. Then thank you past self for being so wise as to writing this for you

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  • Oh my darling girl!!! You are your own Yoda and that is the number one gift to be thankful for!!! You always look inward and look upward to be the best you!!! I’m so in awe and beyond proud of the glorious human you are. You are my teacher, guide and mentor and I’m humbled and grateful to know you and be on this journey together. Happy New Year (Day). I love you!!!! Dad

  • Love this! Yeah. Too much pressure to have some big plan on this specific day. You are right. Forget that. Make goals and intentions when the timing feels right. On years I feel that way, sometimes I just pick a word/theme like “joy” or “simplify” or “create.” Satisfies my need for intention but also frees me up to just enjoy the holiday.

  • If I take 10% of this and apply it religiously I will have my best year EVER!!! And you gave my word, I’m gonna do it!!

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