Not a Challenge, But a Life-Long Practice

June 10, 2020

Since muting myself last week in the service of amplifying melanated voices I have grappled with how best to come back to my work because I hope to never go back to business as usual. My belief is that amplifying melanated voices should not just be seen as a challenge for a week, but as a practice for our lives and part of me utilizing my White privilege that I have benefitted from my entire life.

So, while I am way too late to the fight against racism, becoming an anti-racist, and defining myself as an ally to the Black community, I will make a promise here to continue supporting Black voices, especially those of Black women on my platform in addition to my content.

I see our future as not an ‘either, or,’ but as a ‘yes, and.’ Yes to inclusivity and equality and equity and change and a HUGE yes to the dismantling of and understanding of White privilege and White supremacy.

We have to do the work, White friends. We will screw up and make mistakes. Better to show up and screw up and apologize for your mess up, than not show up at all.

Spiritual teachers have taught for centuries that the Universe reflects back what you put out. You can call it the golden rule, you can call it manifestation, you can call it whatever you want. But one of the biggest examples of this is how we show up in the service of others. When we support and fight in the service of others the Universe will reflect that service back to you. When we put effort into someone else, the Universe will put effort into us.

We get back what we give.

This may sound like an idea that you are well-acquainted with and you may be sitting there thinking “Duh, Chelsea, what else is new?” I just wanted to gently remind you that in this time where us White people can choose to either fall into the soft, cushy comfort of our privilege and our fear of a global pandemic, we can also choose to stand up and fight for the rights of others.

We can overcome our fear and provide comfort to a friend. We can do something as simple as learning and listening and then spreading the gospel of not just tolerance, but acceptance and love and become a platform of support for our friends and family in the Black community and all People of Color. When we give out joy and support like we’re giving out hand sanitizer these days, we will get that joy back ten-fold.

I’m not saying you should only do something because ultimately it will benefit you, it’s just a reminder to think about how it would feel if your people were being killed and your friends were doing nothing because they have become so desensitized to the killing of your people.

It’s okay if you’re not comfortable going to a protest or are confused about where to start. (Newsflash, you can use Google!) But there are so many other things you can do by using your voice, being of service to your friends and communities in need, and educating yourself.

As one of the best known spiritual teachers of all time said, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12).

Sending love, light and blessings, friends. Better late than never. I am late too. Checking your privilege, uplifting and supporting change, White friends, is the beginning of the game. XOXO, CAMDW

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