Productivity in the Time of Corona

September 8, 2020

“Mommy, are you done and can we play now pretty please with cherries on top?” -Mozart Von Domsky

I was sitting at the dining room table getting work done. Things were moving slower than I expected and I noticed our puppy, Moe, starting to get a little antsy. He’s a high energy little dude and sometimes when I go too long without playing with him or taking him for a walk his energy busts out in not-so-cute ways…actually it comes out in absolutely destructive ways.

He and I play the least fun game ever, daily, for about an hour where I will keep saying, “Just let me finish one more email!” And he will persist in finding my favorite thing in the room and chewing it to bits as his way to say, “No, Mom, I’m your baby, pay attention to me.” I don’t love this game. I don’t really think Moe does either.

I turned around just in time to watch Moe tear apart my notebook. “Ugh! Moe, come on!! I just needed ten more minutes!” I was trying to get a dog to understand my human schedule and responsibilities. He looked at me, cocked his head and walked to the back door. I was absolutely pissed off at my dog as I went outside with him to run around and play for a bit. I was visibly agitated. It must’ve looked ridiculous. Moe running around like he was in heaven, me red in the face aggressively tossing a rope toy. My mind kept running over my to do list as I chased him around the yard. After five minutes I started really freaking out, if he keeps interrupting me like this, how am I ever going to get anything done? I thought.

Here’s the deal. When I have the “time” I actually adore playing with Moe. I love watching his cute little face all aglow as he chases his ball and bounds around the yard. He’s the sweetest, but when I’m preoccupied thinking about my to do list while we’re playing, neither of us are having fun. So, I did a little reframing…

Our worth is not measured by our productivity, friends. Run wild with your dogs and your babies and reframe and reschedule accordingly. Your to do list will get done.

Here are a few things I’m working on doing to help me with this:

  1. I don’t put everything I know I have to do for the week on one to do list, I have started breaking it up into realistic chunks throughout the week so that I can actually feel like I’m getting somewhere and accomplishing things
  2. I set realistic deadlines for myself when the deadline is my decision
  3. I plan out my day differently. I set aside time for specific breaks, meals, times to do emails versus times to create content or edit. Obviously, your scheduling blocks will look different, but breaking up the day keeps both Moe and I much happier and more fulfilled and accomplished.
  4. When I take a break, I actually TAKE A BREAK. No phone, no emails…or whatever your crux is. I used to think taking a break meant I would stand outside and have a coffee while I continued to answer emails…that is not a break, that is working from a different location while standing up. (Breaks don’t have to be long, but I find making them a legitimate break means that even 5-10 minutes can do the trick.)
  5. Accept that when I don’t complete my to do list I am not a failure or even remotely unproductive…I just didn’t finish my to do list. Whoopdeefreakingdoo.

Happy day, friends. I am sending you love and wishing you much joy and breaks and productivity when and how it makes the most sense for YOU. I love you, XOXOXO, CAMDW

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  • I love my daily to do lists. And i honestly don’t feel bad if some things end up on the next day’s to do list. But at this point in my life and especially during Covid times…none of it is important. I am lucky that I don’t “work” unless doing the laundry and watering the flower beds counts as “work”. You are inspiring sweet thing.

  • What I do is tell bentley (my dog) wait 5 minutes, and he understands what I mean. He waits for a while then comes back I make a big deal to praise him

  • This is such a struggle. Especially when you love your job AND your children, pets, spouse, etc. it tears you apart!!! Been there!!! Still an there!! It’s just loving what is maybe. Thank you for your wisdom!!

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