Sorry, I Am Not Sorry

February 7, 2020

I apologize for everything…Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s part of the human condition…I’m not sure, but am I alone here?? It’s not required that we constantly assign blame for everything we do, so why do we? I’m not sure, but I’m trying to work it out…

Happy Friday Friends, I hope you have the most wonderful apology-free days! You are everything you need to be so don’t apologize for existing, you are so worth every bit of space you take up, in fact, you are a gift for taking up that space!! xoxox, CAMDW

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  • This is so important, my love! We spend so much unnecessary and useless energy on things that don’t deserve it! And waste all that energy that good be spent of feeling good!!! love you

  • This is so true. You think you’re making the other person feel good but in reality we’re making ourselves feel less. Oy!!! Thank you!!

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