There Is No Putting Toothpaste Back In the Tube

October 27, 2020

I would love to sit up here on my little soap box and proselytize my beliefs. I would love to be able to do that and still call myself an open person, but I am no longer sure that that is the most effective way to change hearts and minds and build a more unified future.

So, instead, I will leave you with this. And for the love of all that is good an pure freaking think before you speak. Deal? Cool. 

I strive every day to expand use of unconditional love and to truly and fully grasp what it means to love without conditions. I question myself every day. I catch myself in the act of not loving unconditionally all the dang time, but I will keep striving to do so, every damn day. 

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  • This is very simplistic… but sometimes you have to just agree to disagree. And maybe sometimes that person who believes so differently you you, needs to be eliminated from your special circle. You can still care about their well being, yes and love them, but sometimes trying to be a friend is just not healthy. I want to surround myself with like minded people. You can’t change someone and, for me especially…life is too short to deal with it. I choose not only love but simple. My circle may be small but it is comfortable and healthy for my well being.

  • Amazing. What a tough topic. There is no right or wrong I guess. But you gave us a lot to think about!!! Thank you!!

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