Time For A Routine Change-Up

March 23, 2021

If we are better to ourselves we become better for the people in our lives too. This is not a new idea, so then why is it that we selectively forget that taking care of ourselves and reducing our stress level benefits more than just us? 

It should be enough that we’re doing it for ourselves, but sometimes we need that little motivation of knowing how our actions of self-care will benefit others as well. I feel like we so often give the stamp of approval when we tell our friends, our partners or our family, “yes, treat yourself. Take care of yourself.” But then when it actually comes to us doing it that stamp of approval no longer exists.

So, I will let you in on a little secret. If you tell a friend they deserve to take time for themselves, or you’ve ever looked at someone and said, “Yes, self-care is amazing!!” You should know you are just as deserving of that self-care and treat-your-self attitude as the person you are talking to. 

Self-care isn’t just about taking care of ourselves. It’s about changing our perspective so that we have more opportunities for creativity. It’s about being the examples for our friends and family and children that when we take care of ourselves as we would like them to take care of themselves we are kinder, more loving humans. 

Self-care is not self-ish, okay? 

Still not convinced? Take a gander:

What’s one thing you can change-up in your routine today to practice a little extra, or some at all, self-care? 

I love you. I’m gonna go get some me-time in now. XOXO, CAMDW

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