Two Things…

April 3, 2020

Alright, it’s Friday and we’re still quarantined. Naturally, I have had quite a bit of time to think and I had two things that really stuck out to me this week.

1) How this time is so scary for us because we actually have to sit with ourselves and our issues and
2) How we are really good at pointing out all of the people who haven’t been there for us without recognizing those that have or realizing that we can be there for ourselves.

This is an amazing time for some really deep thoughts that we haven’t had time for, or maybe didn’t want time for. Check out my video below about my thoughts on this subject….

We can be there for ourselves through patience with our own minds and anxieties, through meditation, through self-care and self-love. Now is the time to take care of ourselves. Now is also a good time to focus on all the positive influences we have in our lives. For all the people that have been there for us…not the ones that haven’t. It’s all about the way we look at it, right?

Happy Friday friends! We made it through another week!

Sending love and light and a reminder to be gentle on your self-discovery journey because it’s bumpy and sometimes the dark corners of our minds can even scare us, so take your time and don’t force it and if this isn’t your time for self-discovery then please, just do you, but focus on those that have worked to be there for you, not those that refuse to show up or maybe, just accidentally forgot to show up.

Have a great weekend and be well, XOXOX, CAMDW

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  • You move mountains when you work. You are totally present. And totally committed. I’ve watched. When you are alone with yourself you are also fully present doing that. I don’t think we’re meant to be capable of doing both at the same time! At least I hope not!!! But I promise to make time for both!!! That’s I think what you’re getting at.

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