Watch Me, But Don’t Look At Me

February 25, 2020

Chelsea as a three year-old: Dad! Daddy! Come watch my dance! I just made it up! Hurry!

Dad: Okay, Pookadella, we’re coming!

Chelsea: Okay, but you can only watch me…don’t look at me, okay?

This is a conversation I had with my parents time and time again. When I was just a little girl I already had a relationship to vulnerability in the form of making eye contact when I was sharing something that was special or important to me. I was afraid of the judgment. Afraid of what other people might see if they really “looked” at me. Would they like what they saw? Would they turn away? Would I lose a part of me if someone didn’t happen to like that part? I didn’t know what I was saying as a tiny tyke, but as an adult I decided to look back at that phrase and figure out what exactly I meant…and so it required a trip inside (as per usual…oy) to examine my aptitude at being truly vulnerable.

Watch below to see what I puzzled out about vulnerability and the conclusion I came to, which has brought much peace, excitement and understanding to both adult Chelsea learning how to cope in this crazy world and to little Chelsea who always reminds adult Chelsea what exactly is going on inside. (Click the photo/link below for today’s video!)

Happy Tuesday friends!! Thank you for going on these adventures with me! I am forever grateful! Happy day! XOXOX, CAMDW

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  • well I just hope that those people that walked by who were watching you were NOT looking at you!!! love, me

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