What Do You Do???

February 11, 2020

That picture/thumbnail is of Domi and I doing something that definitely doesn’t involve how we make a living, but something that is equally if not more important to us-traveling and being together. We are made up of so much more, so why is society so focused on how we earn a living instead of all of the other beautiful things we choose to do with our lives? What would you ask someone instead of, “What do you do?” Comment below, I want to know! I need new questions!!

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  • it is interesting that in this country we say “What are you” and mean in reality, “what do you do for a living” so what we do becomes what we are, which is not essential the truth. In other cultures, I believe people ask the real question “what do you do for a living” when that is what they want to know…. I guess if I want to know something outside of what someone does for a living, it would be incredible to know what brings them joy or what do they do for fun!!!

  • I always ask people this. I hadn’t really thought about it this way before. Maybe just because what I love doing is what I do. But that is not the case for most people and also there is so much more to life! Maybe “What do you enjoy doing?” is a better and more well-rounded question. ????

    • It is a blessing to do what you love every day! I’m so so thrilled that you have that ❤️ and I hope everyone gets to experience it in their life at some point! I think for actors/dancers and other artists (and many other people) that don’t always get to make money doing what they love this question is sometimes a daily reminder of that and what do you enjoy doing definitely lowers my anxiety level when I hear it!!! ????????❤️ love you

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