Willingness to Dream

September 1, 2020

When Domi adds fun things to the shopping list…it’s another little way to dream

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. Yes, sometimes my head gets stuck in the clouds, but more often than not my dreaming leads to my belief in my ability to achieve. Dreaming isn’t necessarily a solution, but a springboard. A willingness to dream can open you up to possibilities that maybe you believed were beyond your grasp. Dreams my change or dreams may not come to fruition. That is okay. But to stop dreaming would also be to stop believing in yourself. Allowing yourself to dream, even just a little bit can simply get creative juices flowing so that you start to see your world in a different way or it can keep you working towards a goal.

There is no shame in dreaming. There is no shame in believing you deserve the best.

Your life does not necessarily become perfect even when you are living your dreams and that’s okay it doesn’t mean you stop dreaming, as my friend Alex just pointed out to me, “it means you are having a full human experience.” But it would be a sad, sad day if I stopped dreaming or stopped believing I could achieve my dreams.

Happy day friends, I love you and am thinking about you and supporting you in my most important of dreams. XOXO, CAMDW

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  • So true and important baby!!!! You just keep on dreamin’ cause look how well it’s worked so far!!!! Love you♥️

  • Firstly, I love the shopping list additions!! Second I love my son And his priorities!! You guys are an amazing awesome and inspiring couple!!!

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