You are loved.

September 3, 2019

You are loved. 

You are loved. 

You are loved. 

Don’t believe me? Repeat after me:

I am loved. 


I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. Say it seven times. I say that because I literally just googled “How many times does a person have to tell themselves something before they believe it” and the google machine told me seven. Shout it from the rooftops I AM LOVED. Whisper it to yourself before that big presentation. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. Then try this one. It’s harder, but I believe in you. 

I am enough. 

It has taken me a very long time to believe that about myself. I never felt worthy of my life or my circumstances, but I am. I am loved and I am enough. It doesn’t matter how many people on the outside have told me those same words; it matters what I have told myself. I am enough. AND I am loved. A magical combination. It takes constant repeating. It takes a willingness to believe it. But I promise it’s true.

You are loved. You are enough. And you may say, “Chelsea, I don’t think anyone loves me.” And I will say, “well friend, that’s just not the case. Your friends love you, no matter what you believe, your family loves you, no matter how oddly they may show it. And if for some reason none of that rings true then remember that I love you. I love you and I also believe that you are enough. You are breathing, you are moving, you aren’t stopping. But I can tell you I love you a million times. I can tell you you are enough until Kingdom Come, but you won’t believe it unless you believe that you love you and that you believe that you are, in fact, enough.”

I believe it. I believe you are worthy and good and joyous and capable of anything you set your mind to. I believe you can move mountains. I believe you are stronger than you realize. I believe in you. You are loved. You are enough. Just keep saying it even in the moments where you don’t believe it and you’re positive I’m a crazy lady, especially in those moments remind yourself: I am loved. I am enough. I am worthy. Because you are. 

And those are all my thoughts on this Tuesday.

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  • well, you are loved, that is for sure. I know someone right off the bat who loves you!!. And now let me put it to work and see how I do; thank you for this. So perfect for these days; so perfect.

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