I Can Only Think About Elephants

February 18, 2020

As someone whose mind runs on high speed pretty much all the time being in the moment is always something that I thought wasn’t accessible to me. I decided I really wanted to puzzle this one out and these are the very early stages of me figuring out how to be in the moment. I know at some point I will be able to take this a lot farther, but if you are someone, like me, that struggles to just sit and “be,” then maybe my new method of finding ways to be in the moment will help you get started.

Who else struggles with this notion of being in the moment and better yet? Who is amazing at it and can help the rest of us just figuring this out step by step? We welcome and adore all levels of being in the moment-ness, they are all appreciated, loved, special and something we can learn from. Happy day friends! XOXO CAMDW

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  • in the moment…… oy vey….. have not gotten there yet…. But it is never too late to start I guess!!! I will start now!!! THANK YOU! DADDY

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