Next Stop: Priority Station

March 6, 2020

This week I had to either reschedule or cancel so many plans I wondered why I even made them in the first place. This is not uncommon for me. I want so badly to say yes to everything and everyone that I say yes without really thinking or looking at my calendar. I end up double booked trying to find creative ways out of things, or telling people we have to reschedule or being delayed on projects that have a deadline.

Needless to say, this does not decrease my stress level in the least. Like, at all. I’ve realized plans aren’t about just looking at what you have going on, on a given day, but also what’s going on around that day and beyond. I’ve learned more than anything identifying your priorities and learning to say “no” even when you don’t want to is such a blessing.

Click below to watch today’s video on my quest for priorities and why now.

Happy day friends!!! Here are a few tips that I find insanely helpful when defining my priorities:

  1. Some questions I ask myself that help me define what my priorities are. What absolutely needs to be done today and cannot wait another 24 hours? What makes my heart sing? What’s something I should do that I’ve been putting off? What am I doing that I am doing out of obligation? Can I let go of this obligation, is it necessary to my well-being? Will I benefit from doing this in the future? When is a reasonable date and time I could accomplish this by and can I make that my deadline? Am I being reasonable, or am I procrastinating?
  2. Write your priority list down!!
  3. Keep track of your week as you go along. I am a long-standing planner user and a supporter of writing things down and checking things off
  4. When making plans don’t just look at what you have that day, look to the future to see what you’re going to have to do the next day and the day before to see what your stress-level might be like.

You got this!! Now go make your priorities and we can share ideas and life will be beautiful and less stressful and more joy filled. Go joy! Yay balance! XOXOX, CAMDW

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  • I used to feel this way a lot and I sometimes still do. About a year ago I read Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt and it changed everything for me. I do less things and have more to show for it and I make space for things I love like reading every day and making time to spend with friends. I also use his planner which helps you break down yearly goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily. He also has great advice in there about setting habits, saying no, etc. I feel like my time anxiety has been greatly reduced since using his system. I highly recommend that book. ????

  • What makes my heart sing is spending time with you. It’s never an obligation. And this is a recipe for an amazing life. Thank you!!

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