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Worthiness Warriors Podcast


“Worthiness Warriors” with Chelsea Austin is a podcast about what makes us tick and how we can better understand what it means to show ourselves care, love and respect so that we can tap into our self-worth and pursue the lives we’ve always dreamed of. Chelsea talks to a new guest each episode to dive into the human experience of finding and defining one’s worth.

Worthiness Warriors Podcast


Chelsea Austin talks about why and how her self-worth journey
began as the daughter of two gay men in the early nineties and how
finding her self-worth and helping others access theirs became her
life’s purpose.

Chelsea Austin talks to her best girl, and incredible singer/songwriter, Juliette Reilly about their journeys post-grad and how complicated it can be to figure out who you are and what you want in your twenties, especially when the idea of what you want to me changes or doesn’t fit the norm. Connect with Juliette and listen to her incredible music here!!

Chelsea Austin talks to her college roommate turned best friend, Alexandria Rust on how to take a leap of faith into the unknown. What it’s like to travel alone as a woman and how to get through tough times even when everything might seem perfect on the outside. Learn more about Alex, her workshops and adventures here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, and personal brand facilitator, Kim Kelty, about how to work through seasons of loss and grief. Why it’s totally okay to time your breakdowns and how grief can spur you into seasons of growth and incredible journeys.

Chelsea Austin talks to her childhood dance partner and dear friend, Adrian Blake Mitchell, about racism in ballet, what it’s like to be Black in Russia, and the non-profit organization they co-founded with their friend KC, Dance in Color, whose mission is to create more diversity, inclusion, and ultimately systemic change in the arts by helping children throughout California and beyond pursue their dreams through dance.

Chelsea Austin talks to her honorary big sister, and incredible actor, Ana Ortiz, about following your passions, facing and overcoming barriers and handling rejection. Ana shares wisdom about the entertainment industry from an insider’s perspective and openly and honestly discusses what it’s like to follow one’s passions especially as it pertains to a career in the arts. Can’t wait to follow Ana? Follow her @therealanaortiz on Instagram and Twitter!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Krysta Parker about how our self-worth is so deeply connected into how we feel about our bodies and vice versa. As Chelsea and Krysta both pursued dance at the college level and beyond they speak to how that has affected their body image and Krysta’s amazing journey to becoming a powerlifter and how that shifted her thoughts surrounding her body. Krysta also has a flourishing business as an inspirational mindset coach. For more information on Krysta, her work and her journey check out her Instagram @krysta.parker here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Dustin Johnson, who is currently the Executive Director of the Anacortes Family Center and has a history of working in the non-profit sector. Their conversation breaks down what it means for your self-worth to give back, how that can make you feel more worthy than ever and how to get involved if you’re not sure where to start as a volunteer or even if you’re looking for a career in the non-for-profit sector. For more information or to donate to the Anacortes Family Center click here!

Chelsea Austing talks to her friend, Jason Avezzano, writer, director, actor and movie critic about what it’s like to take talents that have always served you and look at them from a different perspective as you grow and change so that those talents can grow with you and continue to serve you. Check out Jason’s website here! And his spectacular movie reviews on his Instagram @moovyman1!

Chelsea Austin talks to her dad, Kevin Montgomery about what it was like raising a child as a gay couple in the early ‘90s, how to build a child’s sense of self and self-worth and what makes parenting so dang hard sometimes. Kevin shares wise words about boundaries and being true to one’s own identity and so much more. Interested in reading more? Check out Kevin’s book, The Family Next Door here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her long-time friend, Olivia Stevenson about how being only children and attending all girls’ school affected their upbringing and self-worth. Their experiences although from the outside look similar felt completely different from the inside and they have some good laughs while digging through tough subjects surrounding growing up. Take a look at Olivia’s Instagram @livylouise92!

Chelsea Austin talks to her mentor, Sandra Miller, about what it’s like to maintain your worth and work your way to the top of a sales industry. They cover everything from what it’s like to be a woman in a female-dominated, but male-driven industry and how work ethic and your worth plays a huge role in your sales success. For more information on Sandra’s extensive real estate knowledge take a look here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, KC Morse about their friendship that burned to the ground and rose from the ashes, like a phoenix. Over time they have slowly been able to rebuild a more solid friendship with better boundaries and more self-worth on both sides from something they thought was beyond repair. Learn more about KC, her productions and life here! And learn more about sickle cell anemia here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Kevin Kulp, about his experience being adopted and how that affected his self-worth growing up and to this day. More than anything this episode is about how peoples’ words matter and what they say can make a huge impact on an individual long-term. For more information on the documentary, Found In Korea, please check out this link here! And to learn more about Kevin and to look at his work, check out his Instagram page @kulpy!

Chelsea Austin speaks with singer, dancer, actor turned phenomenal event planner, Charley Izabella King, about her transition from one passion to the next and how to go out on your own and build a business in an area you’re passionate about or how to move from one passion to the next. For more information on how to book Bluebell Events click here, and you can find and watch her Bluebell Talks here on Instagram!

Chelsea Austin speaks with soon-to-be moms, Sophie and Kimber Sargent about becoming parents as two women versus what it was like for Chelsea’s dads to conceive her 27 years ago. Their conversation about how self-worth impacts parenting and more can inspire beyond just soon-to-be parents, but also couples that are working together, and anyone looking for a new perspective on conception and dreams for your children in 2021. Check out WeeSit, babysitting service and Holistically She, female-led bath, body and beauty company, both created by Sophie and Kimber!

Chelsea Austin speaks to the creator of Sacred Branding about how failure can sometimes be the key to self-worth and how failure also can lead us to exactly where we need to be. They explore the how-tos, the what-not-to-dos and more about how we can all utilize our sensitivities in life to find our purpose. To map your sensitivities or learn more about Mike, click the link to his website here!

Chelsea Austin speaks with coach, podcaster, aspiring author, and entrepreneur, Michaela Belle about what it means to own your season no matter what season of life you are in. This episode is full of specific how-to’s and methods to use to navigate whatever it is you might be going through to bring you more of everything you want now! Michaela is the creator of the Savvy Single Course, A Table For Two with Michaela Belle and more. To check out her courses and more take a look at her website here and her Instagram here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend Russell Norris about what it’s like to pursue a career in the arts and how decision-making is so dang challenging sometimes! They cover everything from making sure you’re listening when your gut is speaking to you to managing rejection, and they have a good laugh along the way.

Chelsea Austin talks to nutrition coach, Hillary Ervin, about all things FOOD! The good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. To learn more about Hillary and the services she provides check out her website here! And to take a look at her incredible, fact-filled social media take a look at her Instagram here!

Chelsea Austin talks to Ann Hutchinson Meyers, a non-profit consultant and friend with a huge heart, about finding your purpose, or maybe discovering that your purpose has been within you all along. If you’re feeling purposeless and need somewhere to start, this episode is for you! For more information regarding Haven for Hope that we spoke about in the episode check out the website here!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Emily Jeanne Phillips, NY-based actor, singer, dancer about rejection because certainly in the entertainment industry you face a lot of it, but this conversation goes just beyond one industry. It’s about how to turn rejection into something positive for yourself, the purpose of wants and dreams and the question that keeps on giving, “am I good enough?” For more information on Emily, please visit her website, check out her Instagram or YouTube channel!

Chelsea Austin talks to creative coach, dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Michelle Boulé about finding the courage to follow your heart, as well as, using your desires as a map for your self-discovery. This week we’re very much going about things from the inside, out. To connect with her, sign up for her free audio “Realign Towards Your Dreams” at michelleboule.com and follow her on Instagram @michelle.boule! To learn more about the Compassion Prison Project discussed in today’s episode please go to their website: compassionprisonproject.org.

Chelsea Austin talks to singer, song-writer, and all-around inspiration, Jamar Rogers about his history with addition, his HIV-positive status and how he gave himself a second chance and how we can all give ourselves and others a second chance. They dive deep into how to build empathy, how to understand others and just how we can start to take our own power back. You can learn more and follow along Jamar’s journey on his Instagram @jamarrogersofficial, facebook, and twitter, and take a look at his music on spotify!

Chelsea Austin talks to social media gurus and entrepreneurs, Lynzee Krohne and Kayla Weich about all things social media. From how social media can be used to our advantage and how we can make sure we are not letting those analytics take away from our inherent value and self-worth. If you are Instagram insights obsessed, this episode is for you!! (And if you’re not and still not sure what Instagram is, Lynzee and Kayla have incredible advice and information about where to start.) You can learn more about Lynzee and Kayla and Leo and Laine on their website, through their Instagram, Facebook, and if you live in Southwest Michigan and are thinking about trying out a new co-working space you can check out one of Kayla and Lynzee’s many ventures, Thinkbar Coworking!

Chelsea Austin talks to fellow podcasters, and super fun and funny humans, Paige Klibanoff and Alsion Spor about what having a social life has looked like during this unprecedented time we’re living in and what boundaries we have to have in friendship. We also speak to the age old question, how do I make friends? That so many of us have always wanted the answer to. You can learn more about Paige, Alison and their podcast, For the Love of Punch and Allo, on their website, and Instagram!

Chelsea Austin talks to writer, consultant, and executive, Erin Coupe, about all things mindfulness. Mindfulness is pretty interconnected with our self-worth and can be an incredible tool in accessing your worth on those less-than-worthy feeling days and Erin guides us right to where we need to be! Erin provides consulting, group facilitation, seminars, webinars and more about living authentically, self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional awareness, and beyond to her clients in all different kinds of businesses. You can find more information about Erin on her website, and Instagram!

Chelsea Austin talks to Bryana Clover, CEO and founder of 1619 Consulting, a company dedicated to help forward-thinking organizations create brave spaces to have tough conversations about race and inclusivity without causing harm or overwhelm. Bry is also studying Anti-racism in Urban Education with UNC Charlotte. This episode is all about unpacking our privilege and boosting our self-worth so we can learn to have those conversations that maybe we’ve been avoiding and to do the inner work that is so necessary for the advancement of ourselves and our society at large. To learn more about Bry, you can find her on Instagram, as well as, on her website 1619consulting.com!

Chelsea Austin talks to financial advisor, Roxy Maddahi, all about investing and why it’s so hard sometimes for women to talk about money. Hint hint…we’re all capable, it’s just that societal norms and history tend to get in our way. Roxy does an amazing job breaking down how we can find our own financial intelligence and has some amazing resources we can turn to including the “Morning Brew” newsletter and iwillteachyoutoberich.com. To learn more or get in touch with Roxy about her services you can email her @roxana.maddahi@spwm.com!

Chelsea Austin talks to PR Guru and CEO of Mekky Media, Michelle Mekky all about confidence, success, cancer survival, and pushing through your fears. With laughs and lots of love Chelsea and Michelle discuss personal trauma and what they’ve gained over time in regards to letting go of judgment and living the life they’ve always dreamed. To learn more about Michelle and Mekky Media visit their website or follow Michelle on Instagram @michelle.mekky or on LinkedIn!

Chelsea Austin talks to sex therapist, Jacqueline Mendez about how intimately connected self-worth and sex are. The conversation covers everything from how we can talk to our partners about sex, to stigma around women and sex, and to how we can get comfortable in our bodies to have amazing sex! To learn more about Jaqueline’s practice and her work you can visit her website or check out her Center For Relationship and Intimacy Well-Being. You can also follow her on Instagram @jacquelinemndz!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Kevin Kulp about his story, building community, how peoples’ words affect us deeply and beyond. This is the first episode in a Pride Month series focused on LGBTQ+ voices with an emphasis on intersectionality. To learn more about Kevin and his work as a performer, photographer and his work in social media, be sure to check out his Instagram @kulpy. For additional resources regarding combating racism in America check out stopaapihate.org

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Tyler Holoboksi about the incredible drag persona he has created in Petti Cash, how doing drag can affect your self-worth, the moral and social opportunities there are in drag, and so much more. This episode is full of honesty, fun, and a lot of heart. For more information regarding advocacy for the AAPI community, please visit stopaapihate.org. To learn more about Petti Cash head over to her Instagram @petticashnyc, Facebook or check out her website petticashnyc.com!

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend, Kelly Kirkley, arts administrator, performer and recent nine to fiver about his story, expectations, dynamics in varying social groups, intersectionality and beyond. This is the third episode in a Pride Month series focused on LGBTQ+ voices with an emphasis on intersectionality. To learn more about Kelly and the work of the Underground Skills Exchange you can check out their website undergroundskillsx.com or check out their instagram @undergroundskillsx. Or check out Kelly’s personal Instagram @kelzkirks14!

Chelsea Austin talks to her Dad and Daddy about what it is to fall in love, stay in love, and build a healthy relationship on a strong foundation. After almost 40 years of being together Chelsea’s dads definitely know what it takes to be through many seasons of a relationship and build something beautiful. To learn more about Chelsea’s parents’ stories check out her Dad, Kevin Montgomery’s, book, The Family Next Door, or visit their website montgomery-duban.com.

Chelsea Austin talks to her friend Joseph Baca about what it means for them to identify as non-binary, how to get comfortable asking for pronouns, letting go of judgement, queerness in Disney and so much more. Joseph enjoys performing on stage, dancing, educating children, playing board games and is, as Chelsea describes him, a walking heart. To learn more about Joseph check out both of his Instagram accounts @jobaciii (personal instagram) and @baca.desu (queer stories and beyond!).

We’re extending Pride Month just a little bit longer! Chelsea Austin talks to her friends and supermoms, Sophie and Kimber Sargent. Now that Baby B has arrived Chelsea follows-up to see how their self-worth has grown and changed since becoming moms. Sophie and Kimber also run two incredible companies WeeSit and Holistically She and you can follow along with their journey as moms as well on Instagram @sgt_sophie and @timber_times.

For the final episode of Chelsea’s Pride Month series, although we’ll be celebrating Pride all year long, Chelsea Talks to AK Nell, who identifies as a non-binary transmasculine being and uses the pronouns he/him. AK resides just outside of Washington D.C. and works as a transitional kindergarten teacher. This episode will help you better understand what it means to identify as trans* and why labels, definitions, and asking questions is so important. To follow along with AK’s journey, check out his Instagram @im_out_and_about. Also, please consider donating to The Okra Project, a group that provides meals to trans people of color.

Chelsea Austin talks to CEO and founder of Makin Wellness, Sara Makin about why therapy is so integral to developing our self-worth. To learn more about Makin Wellness, and gain access to their mental health resources, visit their website makinwellness.com, or check out their Instagram @makinwellness. For more information on Sara, visit her instagram @thesaramakin and don’t forget to check out the three books she’s written, From Depression To Joy: A Parent’s Handbook For Teenage Wellness, Medical Cannabis & Mental Health, and The Happy Entrepreneur: Eliminate Stress and Kick Ass In Business.

Chelsea Austin talks to NYC-based actor, singer, and brain training specialist, Emilie Leyes about self-worth and how to create thoughts and feelings of worthiness through brain training. Chelsea and Emilie even do a demo of what brain training can look like LIVE! To learn more about Emilie’s amazing brain training programs you can visit The Resilient Self Program, and The Resilient Actor Program or click here for a Free Guided Practice. You can also find Emilie on Instagram @emilieleyes and on TikTok@emilie_leyes.

Chelsea Austin talks with her hubby, Dominic Wächter about being newley-ish-weds and navigating self-worth within their relationship as two very different human beings. Just in case you forgot where to find Chelsea’s social media here is her Instagram @chelseaaustinmdw, Facebook, and websitechelseaaustin.com. And you can find more information on Dominic, his travels, work and life on his Instagram @dumaid. This episode concludes the first season of Worthiness Warriors! See you in season two friends coming fall ‘21!

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